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DV8 Distillery Bartender photo with cocktails


Is Over

"Beautiful people, outgoing, beyond friendly."


                                         -Blockhead Mock

DV8 Distillery event with DJ

"Best vodka I have ever tasted!"

-Victoria Drynan


Samuel Gunnels aka Rawley

Rawley Gunnels has been the event planner, community creator and distiller for DV8 Distillery since he co-founded the company in 2015. His intuition and wide open heart hold the community with tenderness and care. Anyone who knows DV8 knows Rawley, and anyone who knows Rawley is better for it. When he's not working his booty off throwing freaky events, or making spirits, Rawley is either pursuing his music project The Echo 88 or researching the newest technology in male G strings. Come to one of our events (post Covid) and see what his research has yielded. He likes hugs that go on for too long, being a public spectacle and being spanked so hard most people give up.

DV8 Distillery Owners

Johnathan Tilley aka JT

JT has been the operations manager, distiller, and R&D expert for DV8 Distillery since he co-founded the company in 2015. His compassion and stalwart heart is the steady hand that guides this queer, kinky, island of misfits through the troubled waters of life. When he isn't giving sound advice to community members, going out with his partners (he's poly), or planning the next phase of DV8's future, he can be found getting rolled by his opposition in League of Legends(Ranked GoldIV Add him: ElMoosiePoo). He likes movies that make him cry, all-you-can-eat sushi, and meta scheming the creation of a society that makes more sense for real humans. Meta scheming in general really... Pitch him your weirdest and he'll dig right in.

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