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DV8 Distillery Venue

DV8 Distillery Friends, Freaks and Lusty Libations.

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Where are you located?

2480 49th St Unit E, Boulder, CO 80301. Located off 49th and Pearl, we are easily accessible from downtown or the highway. We are tucked away in a warehouse on 49th St. between Pearl St and Pearl Parkway. For obvious safety reasons, we recommend ride-sharing.

What are your hours?


Monday - Thursday: 4 - 9 PM 

Friday and Saturday: 4 - 10 PM
Sunday and Monday: Closed

Check our events for more details.

Do you serve beer?

We’re a Boulder distillery and licensed as a tasting room. This means we can only sell the alcohol that we make in-house, and we can only make liquor, due to our license. 

Are you a Boulder gay bar?

Yes, and no. For a long time, there weren’t any gay bars in Boulder, despite being a gay-friendly city. This usually meant the community had to go to Denver. Despite gay bars being close to Boulder, we still felt a dedicated spot was missing, so in June of 2021, we declared ourselves a queer-owned bar and safe space for the LGBTQ community. 

It should be noted that since the owners are queer, it would be disingenuous to call ourselves a “gay bar.” Really, we’re a space for anyone in the LGBTQ spectrum to come and feel like they have a spot that's their own. 

We welcome anyone to our Boulder distillery, gay or straight because ultimately, we are about inclusion. We also recognize that many of the events we throw cater to party and art enthusiasts, not just the LGBTQ community. 

Do you serve food?

Not yet

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