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3 Tips to Help you Discover Your Queer Community in Boulder, CO

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Whether you live in a small town with a population of 100 people or a large city where you get lost in the crowd, finding your own identity within your community is crucial. Across the world, countless queer individuals have found communities where they can share common beliefs, express themselves in like-minded ways and find their chosen family- this could be you too.

In Boulder, CO, DV8 embraces the weird, the eccentric and the kinky (yes, chains and whips do excite us) and everyone in between. Our community isn’t a one size fits all, because we understand that size doesn’t matter… unless we are measuring hearts... While we have a great community around us now, we weren’t thrown into a world filled with like-minded individuals right off the bat, we had to discover our queer Boulder community too. Here are some local tips to help you discover yours:

1. Explore ‘Meetup’

I mean, we all know the internet can be used for a lotttttt of things… I mean a lottttttt of things, (a friendly reminder to utilize your incognito browser in those *special* moments). BUT one of the best ways to find your community is to explore online communities such as Meetup. Meetup helps you find communities based on your interests and location, whether you are looking for Denver’s hottest gay book club (*clothing optional, nerdy glasses required*) or want to get tipsy with your queer queens in the LGBTQ happy hour group, there’s a place for you.

2. Join local Facebook Groups

*Alexa, play Pour it Up by Rihanna* for one of our favorite Facebook groups Boulder, CO Guerilla Gay Bar. This gay-roup is an inclusive social group that brings together Colorado’s LGBTQ community at various venues around Boulder. This Facebook doesn’t just revolve around drinking, it revolves around community, inclusivity and a “good-time”, (if you know what I mean). You’ll have a chance to meet others who want to channel their inner Jaida Essence Hall at Drag Night Trivia at DV8 or those who want to lick, suck and bite on some Ben and Jerry’s… ice cream on west Pearl Street in Boulder- you don’t even have to be apart of the LGBTQ community to join!

3. Follow Local Hashtags

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter make it easier to find people with common interests through different key hashtags. Whether you are a #ColoradoGay, want to find #QueerDenverLove, bust (or shake) your ass on #GayHikes or want to learn more about #ColoradoPride, there’s a hashtag you can follow. Each hashtag represents a different aspect of a certain community and can lead you to learn new information, form new bonds or help you find your next chosen family member.

When finding your queer social circle, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and let your queer flag fly. Be as specific as you want (“I want to connect with nonbinary elders”) or just leave it open. Will there be awkward coffee dates? Probably! Will you meet cool people who share in the same weirdness you do? Definitely.

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