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How to Celebrate Your Rainbow Everyday

Each day is a day worth celebrating

Even though it’s no longer June (aka pride month), it doesn't mean you shouldn’t celebrate your queer selves or be an ally every day! But how do you do this? In June, the Boulder LGTBQ community is out-right celebrated and acknowledged by the community and allies around them. But what if I asked you if you celebrate and acknowledge yourself every day? And not just in June! That’s a little bit more of a tricky question! Here at DV8, we don’t just celebrate our queer community and allies one month out of the year, we go the extra mile to make sure everyone is celebrated daily and without question. Over the years, we have learned that celebrating yourself lets you leave your heart open to other people and embrace who you are. Here are some tips to help you celebrate your rainbow every day:

Check-in with yourself daily

How are you feeling today? What is your heart telling you? Checking in with yourself and assessing your needs helps you to pour into yourself so that you can pour into others. Oftentimes, we check on those around us but neglect ourselves. Checking in on yourself is extremely important because it can improve your mood, your energy, your relationships with others and your productivity. Don’t let yourself fall by the wayside!

Be kind to yourself

Just as it’s important to be kind to others, it’s important to be kind to yourself. Remember the timeless saying, “treat others the way you want to be treated?” We know it can be hard sometimes but being kind to yourself will promote happiness, positive thoughts and boost your confidence. How do you start this? Many ways! Try telling yourself 5 things you love about yourself each morning, or finally go on that walk you’ve been putting off, or even, give yourself the space to breathe for a moment. Whatever method works for you, give it a try!

Give yourself grace

We all know not everyone is perfect. So, why do we give others more grace than we give ourselves? Many times we are too hard on ourselves and bring negative thoughts and energy into our daily lives. We need to remember, we are humans too. Giving yourself grace can help you make small, sustainable changes to help support your long term goals, mental health and well-being

Stop comparing yourself

Easier said than done, we understand! However, what is the point of comparing yourself to others? One thing you have to remember is, everyone has their own demons, their own struggles and their own hardships. No one is perfect and to compare yourself is doing yourself a disservice. Stop comparing yourself by practicing gratitude, focus on your strengths (remember, there is only one you in the world and what is pretty special!) and learn to celebrate other people rather than comparing.

Surround yourself with people who support you

When you surround yourself with positive people, you're more likely to adopt their energy to help you both flourish together. Just as you benefit when you surround yourself with people who make you happy, you suffer when those in your close circles are negative or narrow-minded. So how can you do this? Make sure the energy you want to attract is the energy you are exuding. Positivity lives within each and everyone one of us and you are more likely to attract others like you when you are promoting those qualities within yourself.

At DV8, we understand it’s hard to embrace your full self and let yourself love yourself. Let us be your support. We welcome every person and every walk of life through our doors. We will love you just like you should love yourself. We will be your inner circle to help you recognize how amazing you are through our eyes. Cheers to your new community!

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