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How to Celebrate Your Rainbow Everyday

Each day is a day worth celebrating

Even though it’s no longer June (aka pride month), it doesn't mean you shouldn’t celebrate your queer selves or be an ally every day! But how do you do this? In June, the Boulder LGTBQ community is out-right celebrated and acknowledged by the community and allies around them. But what if I asked you if you celebrate and acknowledge yourself every day? And not just in June! That’s a little bit more of a tricky question! Here at DV8, we don’t just celebrate our queer community and allies one month out of the year, we go the extra mile to make sure everyone is celebrated daily and without question. Over the years, we have learned that celebrating yourself lets you leave your heart open to other people and embrace who you are. Here are some tips to help you celebrate your rainbow every day:

Check-in with yourself daily

How are you feeling today? What is your heart telling you? Checking in with yourself and assessing your needs helps you to pour into yourself so that you can pour into others. Oftentimes, we check on those around us but neglect ourselves. Checking in on yourself is extremely important because it can improve your mood, your energy, your relationships with others and your productivity. Don’t let yourself fall by the way