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How To Be An Ally For The LGBTQ+ Community

Anyone, regardless of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity, can support the LGBTQ community. It’s important to support our peers for who they are and not who they love- because love is love is love is love!

Being an ally means you have a genuine, strong concern for the well-being of LGBTQ+ people. You support and accept LGBTQ+ people and advocate for equal rights and fair treatment for everyone. Here are 3 tips to help you navigate how to be the best ally you can be:

Stay Informed

To be a good ally means you are well-informed and take pride in educating yourself. Ask questions, do research and don’t be afraid to be honest about what you don’t know.

Speak Up

If you see something, say something! Sometimes it can be awkward to speak up and correct people’s rhetoric or jargon when it comes to sensitive topics. However, keep in mind, nothing will change if we don’t hold ourselves and our peers accountable. If we are serious about making a change within our community and our nation, people will be grateful that you respectfully corrected them and reminded them of the bigger picture.

Support Equality

Equality. What does it really mean? To have equality within our nation, it means that everyone is equal no matter their background, skin color, sexual orientation, etc. It means we acknowledge each other’s differences, celebrate the beautiful diversity within our nation and support one another in our successes and lift each other up when we are down. Equality means we support policies at school, work or other places to help protect the LGBTQ+ community from discrimination. Equality is about ensuring that every individual has an equal opportunity to make the most of their lives and talents.

Here at DV8, we celebrate everyone for being their authentic selves and living their truths. DV8 is a safe space in Boulder, CO that goes beyond fun events and locally distilled alcohol, it’s a place to call home and where you can find your chosen family. Whether you are already an LGBTQ+ ally, you are wanting more information or are new to the community, welcome! We’d love to be your support and help you navigate this beautiful, sparkly, rainbow world of ours.

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