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What Your Rainbow Color Says About You

Every color of the rainbow is extremely valuable to create the beautiful color assortment that shines in the sky- if one color is missing, the rainbow isn’t complete. At DV8, not only are we a bar for the queer and the entire LGBTQ+ community, but we value every person and every walk of life in and outside our Boulder community. We believe, just like the rainbow needs every color, our world needs a variety of different people to thrive. We value you. We value your differences. We value your presence. No matter who you are, where you come from, or what color of the rainbow you represent, you are welcomed! Now, which color of the rainbow do you believe you belong to? Let’s explore together:


Oooooo! You are spicy, fiery and strong! Reds are usually extremely independent, strong-willed and passionate. If you have a red personality, your life is never dull. Usually, reds are physically active and sexually driven- you believe sex is a necessity in your life. Ow ow! Let your passionate side fly!


If you have an orange personality, you are witty, spontaneous, generous and optimistic. You look on the brighter side of things and never take yourself too seriously. While you have a little bit of passionate red mixed in, you are a little more easygoing than reds. You believe in individual freedom of expression and you love being yourself.


Yellows can light up any room they walk into! They are cheerful, happy and love to make people smile. If you are yellow, you are a friendly soul and enjoy meeting new people, but you like to keep your group of friends small. While you are positive and like to bring out the best in everyone, you tend to be a little shy and enjoy getting to know people on a deeper level.


If you are green, you are calm, analytical, cool and conceptual. Greens tend to be great researchers and people lean on them for logical reasoning and practical scenarios. Greens love to ask questions and are curious when it comes to information. They usually like to absorb information and conversations first before speaking and believe what they have to say is valuable to those they are speaking to.


Blues are tranquil, even-tempered, idealistic and imaginative. Usually, blues feel their emotions more than other colors but, also, understand how to control them. They believe showing their true, deeper selves is beautiful and usually encourages people to dig deep within themselves too. Blues are reliable and often choose to live in peace and harmony- if they are confronted with conflict, they are the first ones to try and resolve it.


Purples are often perfectionists and push themselves to always put their best foot forward. They are good humanitarians, wise, visionaries and creative. Purple’s are often well-liked by their peers and like to encourage others to dream big and approach situations with a child-like sense of wonder.


If you identify with pink, this means you are a loving, kind and sensual individual. Sometimes, pinks are categorized as the ‘hopeless romantic’ type and love to be swept off your feet. Pinks often possess a ‘fairy-tale’ view of life and believe anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Pinks’ personalities are sweet and charming and have a way with their words; they sometimes believe they can swindle their way through any situation.

Think about this for a moment, if every person in the world was a green or a yellow, nothing would get done. We need a balance of every color to make the world go round. While you may identify more like a green than a yellow, you may have both green and yellow qualities. Most people don’t associate with just one color, they are a mix of a few! Regardless of what color you most identify with, wear that color with pride! We need more colors like you in the world and we need a mixture of colors to learn from one another. Your personality rainbow is beautiful, whatever it may be!

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